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Wooden Toy - Spinning Tops

Environmentally sustainable wooden toys for healthy offline fun.
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Who will be the last one standing? Train your spinning top and win the glory!

With POPme's Spinning Tops both you and your children will become true champions of this age-old game! Thanks to their high-quality beech wood material, your spinning tops will be sturdy and durable. Not only that, the handy reusable tin packaging will protect them from bumps when you store them or if you decide to take them with you. With four different spinning tops available, you can choose your favorite style and challenge your kids and their friends to see who can spin it the longest. Thanks to the non-toxic paint and ergonomic design, POPme's Spinning Tops are perfect for young children, plus they improve coordination and manual dexterity. Win the spinning top challenge with POPme's Spinning Tops!


- 4 pieces
- Coordination
- Beech wood
- Non-toxic paint